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Agricultural Products in India

Here at Global Trade Embassy, we understand that import and export are the two imperative components of an overseas trade. An overseas trade is the exchange of commodities and services between two nations.  Import is the movement of cargo into a nation from another nation in an authorized way. Export is the movement of goods out of a nation in a lawful manner.


The agriculture sector is a primitive section of the rural economy. The major agricultural products, which we export and import, at the Global Trade Embassy, includes wheat, rice, jute, cotton, oilseeds, maize, tea, coffee, etc.  Global Trade embassy is an importer and exporter of all types of food grains. Some other products under this category are- Fruits & Vegetable seeds, new onions, clean vegetables, walnut, mangoes, grapes, dried & preserved vegetables, mango pulps, chutneys, buffalo meat, sheep/goat meat, poultry goods, dairy products, processed meat, nuts, jaggery, cocoa goods, cornflakes, intoxicating beverages, usual honey, pulses, etc.


Here at the Global Trade Embassy we make agricultural products a way of life that shapes the thought and the outlook of the economic life of the people. It is and will continue to be vital to all tactics for intended socio-economic progress of the nation. Rapid growth of agriculture is not only important for self-reliance but also for household food security. They bring about justice in division of prosperity and revenue.


It is important for the businesses or individuals to have approvals in order to import or export agricultural products.  Global trade in agriculture is dominated by a diversity of forces that influence the place and excellence of foods. Here we take care of all the approvals and the agreements associated to trading globally.

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