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Gems & Jewellery

It is always said that a female can by no means get enough of jewellery. Nowadays, with the mammoth variety, fashion statements, and colors, passion for jewellery is fairly natural. They can be crafted artistically out of many substances like metal or even prized stones. It can effortlessly adorn any part of the body. It is mostly subjected to different events as well as moods.

  • Gems and jewellery are a part of many cultures and customs around the world
  • It has been ages; people have been using them as ornaments
  • These also make excellent gift items too.
  • The gems and jewellery market has amplified its prospective to the skies in all parts across the globe
  • Gems and jewellery are in great demand in the society, starting from people belonging to the fashion industries to simple householders
  • The precious stones have kept its reputation undamaged to these days, starting right from the beginning of history itself
  • In recent times, almost all expensive gemstones are exported to different parts of the world

Global Trade Embassy is one of the largest exporters of gems and jewellery in recent times. Large number of people around the globe use precious gems as zodiac stones. Astrologers usually insist on the gems to the customers such as diamond, ruby, garnet, pearl, zircon, coral etc. This is one of the essential reasons of the stones being there in colossal demand among all strata of people, be rich or poor.

Key Industry Components

  • Diamond: These have always been placed in a high place among the priceless gemstones. In the past days, diamond was restricted to a very small privileged fragment of the universal population. So this has emerged as a segment showing significant growth in some of the emerging markets.
  • Gold: This element has always been a jeweler’s favorite.  It acquires a leading position in maximum markets across the world. It forms a backbone of the expensive jewellery industry.
  • Colored gemstones:  This part deals with the various types of jewellery including the precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls etc.

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