The world economy is predicting a shift in the existing financial structure, and Global Trade Embassy has already developed strategies to come along with that change. In the recent times, import and export has become an essential part of world economy. This technology has thrived well into a more sophisticated, simpler and even smoother business. These days, there are minimized risks involved in international trading laws that act as a security both for the exporters as well as the exporters.

Because of universal sourcing, businesses have the right to use more choices related to technology and products. For importing, a country desires to satiate its own scarce resource demands from an abroad supplying country. In this globalized trade scenario, conventional importing sources are standing on the verge of getting replaced by newer sources. And Global Trade Embassy is committed in identifying those future leaders as import/export giants.

At Global Trade Embassy, we offer:

  • Advanced trading systems .
  • Transparent transaction policies.
  • Forecasting and hedging against future currency exchange fluctuations.
  • Providing trading platforms for newbie entities to participate in global trade.

Here at Global Trade Embassy, we are targeting to cash on future prospective export and import items at a global level. In future, such trading activities will continue to grow strongly. And the latest surveys support that point towards a healthy and buoyant order pipeline. It’s certain that diversified product line will top the demand list for both developed and underdeveloped country regimens. And Global Trade Embassy is driven with the motive to meet them its unique way.

Partners Eligibility

GTE is committed to deliver dynamism in its products/services delivery schedules, accompanied with world class quality at right pricing. Just like clients, entities partnering with our business deserve equal share of such commitment.

Mission statement for GTE is simple for its partners, and we believe in forming long lasting business alliance with the key associates. Providing Import-Export solutions that is powered with internal and external infrastructure development is the core avowal that we are strongly focused at. Joining hands with our team of experienced professionals means your partnership is set for gaining a global momentum.

Value that we follow for our partners:-

  • A healthy and transparent business environment that is firm in integrity, loyalty, and co-operation .
  • Deliverables and transaction formalities are completed within deadlines.
  • Financial benefits on bulk orders, assignments or project workloads.
  • Qualities at par with the global standards.
  • Keeping updated with the latest trends and practices of the international trade to stay safeguarded against risks.
  • Aiming for the technology approaches that reduces downtime and improves efficiency.
  • A working atmosphere that caters every individual who are a part of it.

Business Tourism: GTE took no time in realizing the importance and potential of business informatics. Modern day global ventures survive on exchange, anything from technology to contacts to business trips. And the initiative from GTE in this regard got its full fledged support from Importers/Exporters from all across the globe. Partners with us form a cohesive workforce that is pillared by the Indian Embassy, so as to develop policies that favor international trading activities. This joint venture is capable of

  • Communicating key influencers to act in such a way that helps Import/Export.
  • Designing a strategy that strengthens and drives the trade.
  • Identifying newer horizons in terms of international business, especially newer markets.
  • Forecasting the future leaders in world economy and forming strategic alliance with them.
  • Building industry voices that can invite necessary changes in protocols and regulations.

Such an insight has enabled us to serve our partners core to their demands.


Import and export are considered to be the two essential parts of a trade. Exporting of goods helps an industry to advertise and market its products within the reach of customers. In recent times, import-export is not an innovative concept anymore. You can easily find out good trading examples between many countries of the ancient times through the land as well water routes. Things during that time were less complicated and much simpler. These days’ also trading is easy and innovative at the same time.

The recent import-export strategies include some of the following aspects:

  • To help sustained growth in exports of a particular country .
  • To offer consumers with best quality products or goods at affordable prices.
  • To stimulate persistent growth by offering access to important raw materials, components, goods, consumables etc.
  • To augment the technical strength and competence of industries and services to meet up with the necessities of the global markets.
  • To stimulate pioneering opportunities and also persuade the attainment of globally accepted standards of quality.

Exporting is a technique of distribution of goods and products across the international borders of a particular country. Importing is just the vice-versa process, where products or goods are obtained from another nation. In recent times, this helps in a number of ways especially from the economic point of view. Few of benefits may include:

  • Larger market of consumers or suppliers.
  • Cost competitiveness.
  • Usage of the international methodologies.
  • Exploration of new markets.
  • Tax benefits.

A business can gain a number of advantages in engaged in import and export. This helps a lot in communicating with your targeted audience through the means of promotions and endorsements.