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Flooring, roofing or any of the house interior decoration jobs; something glossy yet tensile is an instant hit! Catching up with new age techniques and materials turn this act real easy, and Global Trade Embassy ensures that this innovation isn’t falling short from its clients.

Packed with a superlative collection of fabulously stylish plastics and linoleums, we are actually responsible to arrange a rocking makeover to house premises. Cementing, painting or tiling is an outdated idea to freshen up the appearance of a room, and now everyone is talking about this new duo in the town. Call it cost efficacy, define it as an easy to operate one, refer it for its durability or whatever; but this technique is here to stay. Get along with us to introduce this next generation material to the household. And start seeing that apartment is soon becoming everyone’s talking point.

Plastic and Linoleum both come at lesser pocket pinches, and unlike traditional concrete slab, they are almost foolproof against moisture attack. And Global Trade Embassy has employed further its own and unique engineering to them. We aimed to come up with a flooring solution that just wows our clients, and this innovative approach has truly met that. Besides an attractive look and an excellent finish, few of the immediate benefits that this brainchild from us are composed of, are as follows:-

  • Easy to install, even easier to remove
  • Feasible to get into desired shapes with little or optimum power
  • Almost solid in defense against moisture and bacterial infections
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning up
  • Applicable for both residential and non-residential purposes
  • Resistant to harsh treatments like scratching, gouging
  • Can serve a long work life without losing much of the glow
  • Hassle free maintenance

Besides giving its clients plenty of plastic and linoleum fabrication options, Global Trade Embassy has something extra to offer. Both these two substances are stiffer to install, and a professional help is essential in making the installation smooth. Emission rates, pH test, bonding factors examination, sealing of seams are few of recommendations we make, before a client starts considering a floor worth of applying this flooring approach. 

Interested to give a shot? Why not navigate to our Call to act section and start becoming a trendsetter in house renovation.

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