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Global Trade Embassy has a thriving textile and handicraft division. This wing of our commercial activity possesses high relevance in terms of our overall growth and development. We facilitate global import and export on all textile and handicraft goods.

Global Trade Embassy has weaved out a strong network across the continents to endorse universal trading of the textile and the handicraft products. We are proud to mention in this context that our network system has bridged the nations large and small, near and far on the same plane of universal identity and is a boost to curb financial disparity among the advanced and the under developing nations.

Our textile products cover the following aspects of the market.

  • Health Care
  • Home Furnishings
  • Athletic Wear
  • Industrial outfits
  • Fashion apparels

We are adept to deal with a diverse range of textiles. Our range of operation includes,

  • Natural fiber, including cotton
  • Man made or synthetic fiber
  • Woolen fiber
  • Jute
  • Silk and
  • Handloom

Our products are categorized for different geographical regions of the earth, based on the respective climatic zones and local traditions. Our products are rated to be of high quality and have a rising demand across the global market.

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