What We Do

Today Global Trade Embassy is one of the largest and booming importers and exporters of industrial and packaging products, with a number of nations becoming our greatest growing customer base. In the coming years, we are trying our level best, through customer demand and growth, to inflate our merchandise range. This way we are trying our best to integrate consumables and equipments to the textile, chemicals, leather, and allied industries.

In recent times, the modern technologies are extremely advanced and sophisticated; there are much better freight carrier systems, large-scale corporations, outsourcing of manufacturing and services, and brisk industrialization. Due to these numerous factors the intercontinental trade is growing and widening very swiftly.

At Global Trade Embassy, we can facilitate your business to supply and secure items both domestically and overseas. We supply the products that you require at the most competitive price in the market.

  • We help our clients with all pertinent information desired for a reasonable purchase from just anywhere in the world
  • We help out in providing exclusive services that includes contracts, shipping, delivery scheduling, etc.
  • We offer trading consultations to the freshly started firms too
  • Our policy is to facilitate sustained growth in exports of the countries all around, to achieve a larger percentage of shares in the global merchandise trade
  • We boost potential for the extension of your trade
  • Here we help you to uphold the price competitiveness in your domestic market
  • Help you to seek out a strong and extended customer base
  • Our embassy offers customized inclusive global services associated to your trade shows, advertising campaigns and public relation events

GTE Updates

GTE is thinking one step ahead of its competitors, to cash on the panaceas of economic liberalization. Such opportunities have enabled countries to enjoy a wider market advantage, accompanied with cost benefits in operation. If the world economic surveys and predictions are to be believed, African and Asian countries are catching up the first world countries in terms of GDP potential. These countries are going to be the future leaders, and we are already developing footprints on these markets.

As part of our mission statements, we are dedicated to bring our partners to the global market with risk minimization. That requires an improvised thought process, especially in this complex trading protocols and ever increased currency fluctuation risk environment. And this section throws limelight on this continual updating process. We are driven by the motive to result best possible value for the imported/exported products for our partners, and this page is dedicated to let you know what we have in store as a trusted intermediate.

As part of the business tourism, our eminent experts are busy travelling all across the globe to participate in top notch international trade meets. You can get a detail of their speeches and presentations to educate yourself a bit more about the latest happenings in international trading community. In this segment, however, you are not just informed about what GTE has contributed as the importer/exporter, consultant in global trading activities. The source is always updated about the latest announcements in international business, and the press releases, newsletters are great information outlets that give the reader to have a tab on the industry pulse.

Subscribing to this section fosters your beneficial alliance with GTE the following way:

  • Getting to know our latest approach in export, import, international trade consultation services.
  • Keeping yourself to have an idea of the world trade movements
  • Facility to get in touch with our online advisors
  • Financial statements of our numerous service arms periodically
  • Current fiscal policy maintained by European Union, USA Federal Reserves, African Nations, Middle East and other Asian countries, Asia-Oceania segments
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